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We see PlantWater’s eco-conscious responsibilities as a journey. We’re forever evolving and so are our coordinated efforts to minimise our waste and energy footprint.

The future is green
January 2023


It’s never crossed our minds to produce a product saturated inside plastic. As sexy as the PlantWater glass bottle looks, they can be endlessly recycled. Glass never loses its quality or purity, no matter how many time’s its recycled, glass can always go back to its original use. The best way to recycle your PlantWater bottle is at your nearest Exchange for Change. Exchange for Change work’s closely with each states Return and Earn program, making recycling not only fun but rewarding.


Glass aside 50% of our packaging is compostable and the other 50% recyclable. Our Heaps Good packaging is produced from 99.9% recycled content, meaning when you’re ready to dispose of your PlantWater box it can go straight back to being recycled and any tissue paper can go to the compost bin.

Local production

We are far from being 100% carbon-neutral, while we work towards our zero waste goal, we are proud to begin our journey with responsible production partners here in Sydney, Australia. By sourcing local suppliers we are able to reduce our shipping distance, minimising our energy usage and carbon emissions.

Our Mission

PlantWater is committed to pushing the industry forward by investing in future-focused solutions that solely benefit the body and our environment. Putting sustainability at the core of everything we do, our mission is to simply give back. Creating a eco-conscious culture that’s interactive with our customers is just the start of our sustainable efforts.


Words from the founder

 “It was important to create a product that can be infinitely recycled, leading to opportunities that support charitable foundations with views that align with ours”

- Jordan Coulter


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